Our Lakes

France Fishing Gîtes - La Germondière


Two spring fed lakes set in mature gardens

We have two spring fed fishing lakes at La Germondière (1.5 acres and 3 acres), set in mature gardens of 2.5 hectares. Take a look....













Water in a spring fed lake is healthy for the fish, the water constantly changing fools the fish into thinking they are in a bigger lake, thereby encouraging growth. The natural spring sources are also better for the angler, as our water levels never run low. A waterfall takes excess water from the top, smaller lake into the larger bottom lake, keeping a constant gentle flow-through all year round, and helping with the oxygen levels in all weather conditions.


Our lakes are stocked with carp (mirror, common, crucian, koi and grass), tench, perch, roach, bream, pike and zander. Fishing our lakes is free when you spend your holidays at La Germondière.

We do not aim to compete with the 'monster carp' fishing venues found all over France (although we can recommend one or two if that's your style of fishing), but if you simply like catching good specimen fish, you won't be bored. From float fishing to carp fishing - either lake will give you a good day's catch.


The smaller lake is stocked with a good variety of fish, including carp up to 10 lbs and some good sized tench - an ideal lake for children, or the less-experienced angler.


The larger lake is for the more experienced angler. There are some ideal spots to fish this lake, including a jetty set amongst the aquatic grasses. We have a couple of carp over 30lbs, a good number of upper 20s, and we have recently added grass carp into the lakes, ranging from 16 to 34lb. Anglers MUST be properly equipped for this lake, see our fishing rules.

Our lakes and gardens provide you with a truly relaxing environment even if you do not want to fish. There are an abundance of tranquil places to just sit and relax, in sun or shade. We supply a picnic blanket in the gîte, we hope you will use it.

Just sit back and watch and listen to the huge variety of birds and wildfowl visiting our lakes - watch the swallows dipping into the water, and see if you can spot the Kingfishers feeding on our smallest fish. You might even be lucky enough to spot the stunning but elusive Golden Oriole.

With our years of working on leisure sites and in particular having experience of the UK's David Bellamy conservation award, we are keen to ensure the environment we provide is not only pleasurable for people, but attracts the insects, bugs and wildlife for a natural environment. We mow the grass around the lakes, but intentionally leave areas uncut so as to provide the best habitat for insects, which in turn brings in the variety of birdlife. For example, nettles for the butterflies, thistles for the gold finches, and the perfect habitat for black redstarts and siskins. Not to mention the frogs!


And, as is essential in France, we have our own chickens. Fresh eggs on your doorstep.....


Caring for the fish in our lakes is of prime concern. We don't like to give you a long list of rules... but there are a few key rules we ask you to respect:

We have a NO KILL policy. All fish must be returned to the lakes.

 All anglers must be equipped with landing nets and a cradle. Can be supplied if requested before-hand.

 Never leave your rods unattended whilst they are in the water.

 Day ticket anglers and Under 16s are only permitted to fish the smaller lake (unless pre-arranged with the proprietor).

 ONLY Barbed hooks ON THE LARGE LAKE. Barbless hooks are preferred on the smaller lake.

 Rig tubing to be used at all times ON THE LARGE LAKE.

 Minimum 12lb line ON THE LARGE LAKE.

 Do not keep fish in a keep-net or out of the water for longer than is necessary. No carp bigger than 1Kg to be put into keep nets.

 When photographing fish, crouch low over your landing mat/cradle.

 Do not stand up whilst handling a fish.

 If you spot any damage on the fish, such as ulcers or cuts, please treat it with a carp care kit (or call us so that we can).

 If you have any problems AT ALL which has the potential to cause risk or injury to our fish, contact the proprietors IMMEDIATELY.

 The erection of bivvy’s ONLY with prior approval from the proprietors.

Thank you for your adherence to these rules.

Day fishing

We often accommodate 'day-ticket' anglers if our gîtes are not occupied, or if our gîte customers do not fish. Just give us a call beforehand to see if we can accommodate you.

Day ticket fishing is charged at 8€ per rod per day, non-anglers, visitors, picnickers: we charge 3€ per person.


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